Schedule Status : Friday, March 20, 2020 – Open Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm. Any public changes to this schedule will be updated here.

We will be following recommended CDC Safety guidelines and will remain open unless public instructions for Palm Beach County instruct otherwise, which we will be following and will update our working status here if any changes. Any questions for our customers, feel free to contact us @ [email protected] or to call (561) 722 – 0252.

Universal Landscape, Inc. : Our Corona Virus Safety Measures & Working Schedule

Our thoughts go out to those who have been affected by this unprecedented event affecting our community and the world today. We especially appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities and government entities here locally & around the country who are working tirelessly to contain this coronavirus (COVID-19).

After talking with a number of customers over the past week and number of days, as the situation is presenting new information all the time, we have a felt responsibility to those who : 1) we are currently working on their projects, 2) those contracted with & on our schedule to perform and 3) the people who continue to call each day for new work to perform. A responsibility to make it known how we are planning to proceed through this uncertain time.

Guidelines issued by the CDC have stated that one of the best ways to reduce the spread of this virus is social distancing and limiting the number of people assembled in close quarters.

As we continue to work each day, our farmers, our vendors, suppliers and the contractors we work with have all continued to be open and available to help serve us. We also are staying open and available to serve unless a change in public policies are imposed in the future. Being as our work is in the open air and not inside closed or congested rooms, we do have the benefit of our producing our work without the need for close contact indoors.

Changes we have made to help protect the health of those we serve and those we employ :

  1. No one who is visibly sick will be allowed to come to work.   

2. We will not be shaking hands with anyone.

3. We are practicing social distancing, working to stand at least 6 to 10 feet away from our customers when talking.

4 . Instead of any meetings inside people’s homes, we will look to keep our meetings outside. Also, during new consultations we will only review any materials in the open, either in an open air rear patio or using the bed of our trucks as a table to flip through photos, etc.

5. If flipping through a portfolio or printed materials, we will have hand sanitizer present & to be practiced by ourselves and any we are serving before and after touching any printed materials.

6. We also have photos to help with our design process on-line that can be viewed to help put together new designs.

7. Washing hands more frequently throughout the day.

8. Drinking water more frequently throughout the day.

We are open : Current projects & Upcoming new work & Consultation status schedules :

  1. We will continue to keep our current schedule for those we projects we are currently working on. If there are any changes to guidelines publicly or if a public quarantine is ever imposed, we will be following those guidelines.
  • We will continue to keep our upcoming projects informed of our schedule, our estimated start dates as we always have and will continue. If changes are imposed publicly upon our industry or area of service here in Palm Beach County, we will notify our customers of any changes to our schedules.
  • We are continuing to serve new inquiries every day at this point as we recognize people have very different situations. Some are more affected by the Corona virus challenge to our lives than others. Changes to their lifestyles and important and needed new protections for health are required. While many people, including our farmers, vendors, contractors and many customers are still going about their days as normal as possible, we will also.

We will be continuing to serve, Monday through Friday, observing the current recommendations by the CDC mentioned above and will be following any public changes required. We and our employees will continue to serve, respectfully, gratefully & conscientiously through this time as we did before but with new temporary and mindful practices.

If any we serve have any questions for us on this or special needs or requirements, please know it is important to us that you let us know. As always, we respect and look to protect the privilege to serve you.


Sal Ceraulo

Universal Landscape, Inc.