Landscape installation for a new swimming pool, in progress.

Landscape installation for a new swimming pool, in progress

In this photo the landscape is being installed before the pool’s finish is performed. The landscape installation can take place either before or after the pool’s finish is installed, and we have performed projects both ways.

At this point, the irrigation was installed, a rough grade and soil removed before pavers were installed. Drainage piping was already installed, directly before the irrigation and trees being installed here. The drainage work runs underground with 4″ piping, which was attached to the house’s gutter downspouts as the downspout can be seen in the lower left corner of the photo here. (for more information on drainage work after new pool installations, feel free to visit the drainage page on our site here.)

At this point, a hand grade was performed after the rough pool grade and soil removal. The larger hand and machine size landscape pieces and boulders are set at this stage.

After the tree installations, the areas are hand graded once more to prep the landscape beds for the right pitch and water runoff accounted for before the plantings are installed. Rock and mulch, followed by sod follows at that point.

Adjustments to the irrigation is performed after the landscape is installed. For more information on points that many contractors can overlook or make costly mistakes at this stage, feel free to visit our “Library of Articles” and view pool construction points article if you like.


NOTE : Irrigation

The irrigation for a new pool, if existing prior, will usually, and should need to be re-connected. It should have been disconnected for the back yard area to alleviate potential problems during the installation of the pool, such as caving in pool side walls before the pool is formed, as well as future potential problems from a cracked old line leaking up and caving in a paver or concrete deck after the pool is completed.

For more tips on the process of pool construction or to follow more here on irrigation for new pools feel free to read further in our Library of Articles, or if we’re working for you, we’ll be glad to go over a job timeline with you of activities of work and how they are to occur to completion.