Paver patio firepit area in tropical garden

This paver patio fire pit area in a tropical garden is a request we get very often.
The space available at homes can vary greatly depending on the size & shape of the property, the layout of the home, a pool area that can challenge for space, to mention some typical challenges with smaller properties like this one.
This property did not have much room to work with as in the back of the patio was a pool that extended through much of this downtown west palm beach property. A guest house was added and the east side of this home was the only space that we had to work with to really creating a seating area.
There is a small lawn area that enters from the gate on this east side of the house and leads to this seating area.
Still, with all these challenges, we were able to provide a sense of intimacy with the thick screening backdrop of Areca palms and the lush tropical plantings all around this new travertine patio that leads to the back of the house and adjacent pool area.
A gas fire pit is the center piece fixture which the furniture has been arranged around and in our sense and the client’s as well, a retreat space has been achieved !
Hope you like !