Artificial Turf installation with new landscape in Palm Beach Gardens

This project photo features an Artificial Turf installation with a new landscape in Palm Beach Gardens.
There were a number of reasons why Artificial Turf was the right choice for these homeowners with this new backyard makeover landscape project.
With limited spacing in a narrow, fenced in backyard and two small dogs, there were a couple of challenges.
The goal was to have the added visual of a lush green lawn. The couple also had 2 small dogs which would run around and this can wear out a lawn, especially with larger dogs. Then the need and clean up for maintenance crews to come into the yard, every week during the summer and get a small lawn mower or (Ususally uneven cut) when lawn mowing companies use a weed eater to cut the lawn for small spaces like this.
Artificial turf with the new landscape installation answered all of these needs and cut down on the need and cleanup of maintenance. The durable turf installed here is also a pet friendly turf, that is porous and drainable, included with a bacterial ingredient to help keep the turf clean as the designated areas for the dogs to use.
The timing to install the turf along with the new landscape made the whole process of installation easy to manicure to the desired end result with the bed shapes and placement after the new trees and hedges, plantings, landscape lighting was already installed.
There are a wide variety of different colors, applications of use from putting greens, large open lawns with taller or shorter pile heights (the heights of the blades of artificial grass themselves). Turf products that offer cooler walking surfaces, pet friendly options and those that are more permeable to help with smaller properties that are challenged by green space planting requirements.
On the environmental side, artificial lawns while more expensive than real lawn varieties most often, do not require watering, which is a large plus for those wishing to cut down on water bills or help with water conservation efforts.
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