This backyard landscape with new paver patio in Boynton Beach was only one element of this makeover, but one of its focal points. This photo shows the view from this seating area across the landscape of this small backyard.
Their was limited space to work with and our team expanded the back patio of this home in a new development. Also included in the project was the new screen that is in view to the right side of the picture.
A goal was to frame the small property with the landscape. To create areas to sit and relax in, such as the new small paver seating area surrounded by the landscape on one end and the view across with a palm tree setting with a hammock to relax in.
Another important point of the landscape and the new paver patio location was to provide a lush, tropical feel, keeping an openness to the backyard while framing the rear water view from the new paver seating patio in the back & hammock areas, while enhancing that view from within the house.
The view of the landscape and new paver seating area when looking at these kind of areas is one consideration of the design, this photo shows another important part of the design thought process, the view from that new seating area.
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