Backyard landscape paver patio & firepit west palm beach

This backyard landscape, paver area & fire pit area in West Palm Beach is the relaxing nook area in this small downtown property that doesn’t have much space.
There is a pool behind the home and only one side of the house offered any spacing to have any kind of firepit area.
The neighbor’s house behind the Areca palm screening has been taken out of view to create an area a more intimate area that has a secluded feel.
The landscape wraps the new travertine pation that has a gas line underground that goes to the fire pit table in this view, surrounded by the homeowner’s new patio furniture.
We tell people all the time, think about the furniture at the time of the design. This way, knowing the dimensions to set up the furniture comfortably, the landscape beds and dimensions of the patio can be altered a lot easier on the design diagram or even with the markings on the ground before the furniture ever makes its first appearance.
Often people will mistakenly design their patio without knowing the measurements of the furniture and once that patio is in, try to conform the furniture to fit. We help people to consider the end result around the comfort and desired use of the area.
The landscape can be moved around, plant varieties adjusted, the palms or larger trees are however important to know how much space is needed for those.
When planning the landscape, you don’t plan for the size the plant & tree material is when it is being installed, but you think long term and the needs of the plants & trees in the landscape for their mature sizes.
We look at the complete effort of the landscape as a living art, and if designed properly, should look better 2, 3, 5 years from the day it was installed.
We have a number of articles here in our site with common questions on the care, but we can’t note enough, those customers of our that follow our watering, fertilizing and trimming guidelines have significantly healthier and better looking properties than those who forget those important 3 things and neglect the yard.
We cover aspects of our landscape designs as well in some articles and the goal, No Matter what kind of style of landscape is a Low Maintenance Design ! By our measure, that is any landscape that will require 3 to 4 trims a year or less. (note : the maintenance level is determined at the time of design, before the first plant or tree is installed.)
Taking all of this aspect of the landscape, which greatly sets the scene and feel of an area, the paver work design and layout deals with the functionality of the area desired, beyond the view.
The other elements of this property that were involved in the project and pre-planned were :
1) Extensive drainage work as this property had significant regular flooding after a new guest house was built in the backyard and the neighboring properties on 2 sides were better than 2 & 1/2 higher in elevation at the property lines than this home’s land.
2. Irrigation work re-routed and designed after pool renovation work in the backyard.
3. Landscape lighting.
4. Travertine paver work & soil decorative brick retention work (in some areas by rear & east property lines)
5. Gas lines run to the new outdoor kitchen.
6. Electrical set up for the new outdoor kitchen (behind the home below new covered porch) & for the fire pit table in this photo.
6. Small ornamental fence for the pool pump area.
7. New landscape design with colors suited to brighten up the yard all based off a custom design developed from consultations with the homeowner.
All of these factors went into this new seating area. There were more elements and challenges than most have, but even with all that, this property has been transformed and gladly we can say to the happy approval of our client.
We hope you like !
To view more photos of this particular project and many others we hope you’ll continue to tour our site and enjoy !