boulders and stone landscape accents

Boulders and stone for landscape accenting are one of the most durable and noticeable material elements in any landscape.
Well used, they can be made as making focal point areas stand out even more. In this home’s front landscape, the circular driveway lent for an island planting that would accent by the street and tie into the rest of the front property.
The red driveway was a stand out pre-existing color that could not be hidden or ignored and the choice of color was to compliment it and to make it a welcome strong large coloring in the design.
The grey, blue, black Mexican beach pebbles, both the larger 3″ – 5″ stones as well as the smaller 1″ – 2″ stones used in this design, compliment the red, maroon coloring of the drive. The tan, brown is a bridge between both of these colors.
The landscape picked up and highlighted the strong colors even more with the Red, maroon Ti plants, crotons and the Bromeliad accents.
We hope you like the look !