Landscape stone glass work, Boynton Beach, fl

The goal of this project was to provide a Contemporary, Clean landscape design. This was accomplished as in this photo here a variety of design choices, beginning with Stone & Glass work as shown here. The client desired a clean & contemporary look for the new backyard makeover, both pool & landscape, with a resort style feel. In keeping with the colors used in the pool renovation and the curves of the hardscape & pool design, this was reflected in the way the ground stone here and throughout the backyard was designed as well.
In keeping with the Contemporary, clean landscape look desired, in this case, the client did not wish for many blooms, but color in the leaves and the use of ground stone throughout the back area helped to create that open and clean look.
From there, the planting focus was on fewer plantings, but larger in size, to help capture a more ornamental feel where the focus is more on the individual plantings, with large spacing between them. This lends more focus on each planting, but also helps to retain that open and clean look that goes very well with rock.
In this photo, this corner off the new patio deck, the White Marble Chip was used as the main stone throughout the back, a thin border of Polished Black Indonesian stone @ 1″ – 2″ is also in view to help provide a more formal touch. The other element is an Aqua Blue Glass, which is in 1/2″ size, which definitely adds much ‘pop’ to the photo with the infusion of this color.
This all against the backdrop of these 2 Crotons behind them and a ‘wall’ of new Podocarpus evergreen hedges, makes for a focal point out of a would be ordinary color.
Hope you like !