The decorative stone wall for the landscape here is definitely a stand out point of this landscape renovation project.
In our project progressions section of our website here, we’ll be adding photos of this project along with many others. The photos for this project will show the Maple tree removal that was front and center beforehand that blocked the view of the house, where the Black, Grey Mexican Beach Pebble is now in that accent curve in front of the wall (with a small Bromeliad Imperialis) in that place.
2 Robellini (or Pygmy date palms were removed from the front – the progression photo section will show, one was in the entry way where there is Crab Orchard decorative flagstone steps leading from the driveway to the entry walk. Those stones are set in a ‘Chat’ size 1/4″ stone size, Mexican Beach Pebble, which is the same accent stone work as the larger 3″ – 5″ of that section in front of the curvature of the decorative stacked flagstone wall that stands in front of the landscape.
Brown River Rock is the stone of choice to provide a separation of the decorative flagstone wall from the lawn and is also used in the design, leading from the entry way surrounding the Solitaire palm by the entry and the ‘Pom Pom’ Juniper Topiari.
The couple was divided, one wanted more color, the other loved the green. We tried to work a combination of both and though both love the work here, there will be more color coming on as the landscape grows in over the coming months as a Yellow Thryallis bloom will add a definite point of interest to the right of the photo. The Thryallis are planted behind the Dee Dee Blancher Magnolia tree on the left side.
We hope you like the photos of this project and if you might wish to see some of the progressions of this and other projects, feel free to visit the “Project Progressions” section of our site !
We hope you like the work and again, the tiered landscape design is a clean, evergreen and color look with some pop we were going for, but the stone on this project takes it to another level.
We hope you like !