Drainage work and collection drains west palm beach

This photo shows drainage work and collection drains at a downtown west palm beach property that is part of a series of photos of this project.
A new guest house was added to the property and there were elevation challenges that had to be dealt with that were creating significant drainage problems at this residence.
The photo here shows the work on the east side of the new guest house, where the elevation levels at some points around the guest house. At some points there was a difference of 2 to 3 feet difference between the bottom of the fence level and the foundation of the new guest home.
Much soil had to be excavated by hand and gutters were added to this guest house to tie into underground drainage piping which is visible here.
Collection drains were also added to the rear of the guest home which are out of site in addition to the 3 installed on this side and the gutter downspout connections required as part of the collection and moving of the rain water from this area.
From this point of collection, much drainage was installed through the east side of the property with all water collected leading to discharge at the street.
A small decorative retention brick was used here as is visible in another of this project’s photo on our site to help retain the soil and to help prep for the paver walkway installed in this area to help with additional level ground for storage space on this small, thin downtown property.
We hope some will find this photo and info helpful.