Drainage problem at residence west palm beach

Drainage problem at residence downtown west palm beach project

This photo shows the scale of the drainage problem at a residence downtown west palm beach. This photo is part of a series of this particular project downtown west palm beach to show different aspects of the problem and the work required to resolve it.
After this guest house was built which is in view for the CBS block construction at the back of the photo, the elevation levels at the fence line became a problem to deal with.
There was a 2 to 3 foot difference in the elvevation in some spots along the left (east) & rear (south) sides of this guest house. That was the height difference between the bottom of the fence at the property line to the new deck area.
Much soil was excavated, by hand and removed from the property as part of the prep work to have usuable walking and storage space on this small, thin, but many featured property.
Drainage piping and collection drains were installed in this area, but it took a way to move the water through the area, to make it work. There were collection drains around both sides of the guest house, both sides of the home and rear of pool. All water collected set up to leave property by front street swale.
For more photos and aspect of the drainage work for this property, we have them and others we will be adding to our site here.
We hope you find them helpful.