drainage project downtown west palm beach after piping installed, paver deck & landscaping

This photo is part of a series of drainage project for a downtown west palm beach residence on our site here.
The addition of a guest home in the rear of the photo created significant drainage problems which required drainage collection and a way to move the water from the rear and sides of the guest house as a part of the solution to remove deeper standing water that was present in this area where you can now view the paver deck and fire pit seating area.
Another photo of this project shows the stage before any drainage work, paver work or landscape was performed and only the new guest house was built showing the CBS block construction of the guest house.
The water throughout the entire patio area and a good bit of the yard in this space was approximately an ankle deep in many spots as the other photo of this project on our site here helps to show.
After the gutters were installed on the guest house, the drainage collection and piping installed throughout the property, the drainage problem was dealt with clearing the way for the level grade installation of the pavers and the landscape as you see here.
We hope you like the look and style of the landscape which we custom designed for the homeowner. The landscape was the primary reason the homeowners called us up front before the guest house was even built. During the construction the drainage problem created was discovered and we were able to help with that because of good planning on the part of the homeowners realizing and dealing with the existing problem before just installing the decking and landscape.
Without dealing with the drainage problem, the patio would be under water on an ongoing basis and would have been much more costly to remove the deck and then install the drainage piping.
If you are reading this and are experiencing a severe drainage problem at your property, if you haven’t done so already, Do NOT install your pavers or hardsurface patio or decking without dealing with your drainage problem first is our advice every time.
Your drainage solution should be able to answer a few simple questions :
1. How is the water to be collected ?
2. How is the water to move away from the problem area and away from the property?
3. How is the water going to move through the piping ?
We hope any experiencing drainage problems and reading this find this information helpful.
We also hope you might like how we took this small space and created a private courtyard feel and expanded the livable & usable space for this thin property in downtown west palm beach.
If you’re in Palm Beach county and could use our services, we welcome your call.