drainage work piping, retention brick & pavers downtown west palm beach residence

This photos shows final stage of drainage work of piping, retention brick and pavers for the side of this guest house at a downtown west palm beach residence. This is part of a series of photos we have on our site showing different aspects of this project, the challenge and degree of flooding this property had, as well as the end, landscaped result.
In this photo the 2 to 3 foot elevation difference was present between the bottom of the fence and the foundation of the guest house at different points.
Small decorative retention brick was installed after the piping was installed for collecting and moving the water out of this area and ultimately off this property to exit at the front street swale.
Gutter downspouts were connected to the underground drainage piping to move the roof water directly underground and off the property. Collection drains are visible in this new paver walkway that collect any surface area in this area and flow out towards the front street as well.
Much soil had to be excavated by hand to make any of this possible first.
This work around this guest house was only one part of the solution to capture the roof water from the guest house and move it out. Another function of this work was to retain the soil height from the higher neighboring properties. Also to collect the water that came from the neighbor’s properties as well.
Another photo of this project set here on our site shows the amount of water that would collect on this property, in front of this guest house & side of the main home during a heavy rain.
Dealing with this corner area of elevation problems and water collection was a part of the larger project to remove the water from the backyard and provide a system that could deal with the problem, even if the power went out in a storm.
We hope you find this information helpful and we have more aspects of this west palm beach residence project on our site here.