Fire pit patio and landscape area in Delray Beach

Fire pit Patio and landscape area in Delray Beach

This small fire pit patio and landscape area in Delray Beach created a new spot for the family to enjoy, where before completely unused space.
Behind the home, off to the side of the patio, the area was previously an area of grass that really did not get any attention. Just off to the side of the pool deck, this new landscaped area is a magnet to draw the family to enjoy a retreat, hang out spot in the small yard with a feel that it definitely didn’t have before.
First after removing the lawn in this space, the dimensions of the patio were drawn out and measured for the spacing again going off the design and the placement of the chairs to make room for the firepit.
The landscape was contoured around the patio to create the feel of a comfortable nook and ornamental palm trees, Christmas palms, Fishtail palm & a Bottle palm by the entry off the pool deck were added for elevation and to help the feel of being settled into a garden.
The patio itself that the fire pit sits on in this project is a thick, extra large Grey Tennessee flagstone, with the pieces averaging in weight from 200 to 400 lbs each. The soil was removed so the stones could be set in and a small ornamental Mixed Mexican chat stone was filled in the gaps. All of the loose patio stone was bordered by a Black Rubber edging to help keep the stones in place and keep both the landscape beds and the patio area defined and cleaner.
The landscape, a variety of different tropical plantings and colors that pop out, and some larger leaf California Alacacia & Monstera plants, Ti Plants, helped to deliver that tropical feel.
The lighting stands out in this project with the ground path lights to help provide good lighting for stepping while the palms are accented by spot lights as a noticeable accent. A festive feel was added by outdoor string LED bulbs were strung from the roof to 3 posts over the firepit patio and landscape area in this Delray Beach home to create a well lit area that can be enjoyed easily at night.
Fire pit seating areas offer a space that can be enjoyed for people at different times. In our experience, with guests or out of town visitors, can be a magnet to enjoy a relaxed part of an evening. Shade helps for these spots to just sit back and relax during the South Florida days.
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