The flagstone steps for the entry way in the landscape is one of the main factors that helped to “open up the front of the house” a lot more in this landscape renovation.
Previously, there was a 9′ tall by 7′ wide triple stem Robellini (Pygmy Date Palm) right in this space where the flagstone steps now are.
The pre-existing palm not only made it difficult to exit the car door and walk towards the entry at times, it also had thorns as well. Beyond this, the front door, which is often considered the “face of the home” was hidden behind the misplaced palm.
This new look not only provides a much more open and clean feel to the front, especially for this entry area, the flagstone step stones also make the area more functional as this is a natural place to walk across when parking on the drive in this area.
The flagstone entry leads the curve which develops into the same line that the new decorative Flagstone wall becomes. Two main elements, different looks, different areas and functions, leading into the view of each other in the design.
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Using decorative stone in a landscape is one of the number one requests we come across when people are looking for a “Clean look, that stands out and has some ‘pop’.
We hope you’ll agree that this photo shows this off. The choice of plantings in the design can vary wildly from one clients tastes to another, from very laid back and even a ‘beachy’ or a different tropical ‘jungly’ feel, to one that is more clean, ornamental or a very formal design.
There are many different types of styles, many different settings that influence how some people wish to design their home, our job is to help determine that look you’re going for, even for those who aren’t sure where to begin.
The stone work in this accent using 4 main varieties of different Decorative stone. From the Crab Orchard that is used for the stacked Decorative flagstone wall, the larger 3″ – 5″ Mexican Beach Pebbles that add a contrast and accent in front of that light Crab Orchard stone.
The larger Flagstone steps at a thicker course by the drive and entry walk area, offset again for contrast in color and size with the 1/4″ ‘chat’ ‘ Mexican Beach Pebble” once again, but as visible, a much smaller size.
If you are thinking of cleaning up the front and looking for an nice, low maintenance option, if you’re in our area, give us a call, we’d be glad to serve you.
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