Front Yard Landscape Makeover with boulders elevations ground covers and colorful accents

This front yard landscape makeover photo shows off the Boulders and soil elevations, ground covers and colorful accents that make up this design.
The elevations, lifting the grade of the soil in this project was performed after the initial removal of All the ground plants & hedges. Only the palm trees remain from the original design.
The soil was brought in and hand graded not only to accentuate the grade and provide a lifted and fuller look for the landscape plantings from the street but also to help the rock work stand out more !
3 different types of stone were used in this design as the other photos of this project on our site here help to show, while the Cap Rock boulders here add there definite noticeable focal point touch.
The front of the plantings are the Blue Daze plants, low growing ground covers with Blue blooms. Behind them are Hibiscus and Croton plantings for a taller tier. The Bouganvillea Tree with Purple blooms as well as the 2 different Agaves stand out as individual accents which help to fill the eye!
To view more photos of this project and many others, we hope you’ll enjoy touring our site !