front yard landscape rock work

The front yard landscape stone work of this project was a major element of the design.
The goal of an ornamental, open and clean look with some ‘pop’ was accomplished in large part by first the grading and soil elevations of this renovation project.
The existing landscape was removed except for the palms which were kept or transplanted. The mounding helped to show off the stone more than just a flat landscape surface.
The White Marble Chip helps to provide more of an open and clean look from the moment it was installed. The colors of the Black Polished stone and Blue “Aqua” glass helped to deliver a dressed up look that also had an eye catching appeal the client was after.
Large Bouganvillea standards of Purple and Red help to bring in a big area of bloom, while low evergreen hedges of Podocarpus Pringles provide a clean border to the colors of the Plumbago (blue bloom) and Crotons behind the low hedges in this design.
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