The installing of  ground stone for this landscape in Boynton Beach was the main factor of changing the style of this front yard landscape.
This was a landscape renovation project in which all of the plantings in the front were removed and a clean, open look was desired. By having the landscape beds framed with rock in the front of the plantings, is one easy way to “clean up” the feel of most any landscape, at least how the edging of the bed looks.            
Often when we have a client looking for ‘something different’ or the front ‘seems too cluttered’ or ‘just not liking the look’ a fresh start can often help. One can take a minimal approach at first and just have the front of the beds cleaned up, or as in this project, remove everything and start from scratch. In either case, installing ground stone in a landscape is often a way to help to deliver a cleaner look in many cases. The combination of the installing the white Marble Chip stone in the landscape with the Black Polished stone is an instant combination of color which helps to bring a more ‘formal’ look, which was desired here.
In many designs there is the use of a ‘primary’ color, a ‘secondary’ color which usually will compliment the primary color, then the use of a ‘contrasting’ color to help make a design ‘pop’ more. In this case the Black and White though opposite, work well together. The color that was brought in as far as the ground stone for more of a ‘pop’ just in the use of the ground stone is the Blue “Aqua” colored glass in this design.
A low evergreen hedge helps to continue that uniform look, with the flowery plumbago plant (blue blooms) behind them & Croton varieties to help bring in more of an eye catching appeal in the backdrop.
With a main front look of a white & black as in the stones used in the landscape here, any color can go with that combination.
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