This landscape with a decorative stone wall and new flagstone entryway off of the driveway are the highlights of this landscape renovation project.
In a Boynton Beach neighborhood, this project was about giving this house a facelift after 10+ years.
The goal was to bring more interest and ‘pop’ to the appearance of the front of the house, while also designing a low maintenance landscape design.
We worked to blend a desire for both a healthy amount of evergreen with some color as well. We are glad to say our clients stated we met our goals and then some.
The flagstone work of the design adds the element of adding dimension to the yard, which brings interest right away. The Brown River Rock in front of the Crab Orchard flagstone decorative wall adds a separation between the wall and the lawn, to help show off the height of the wall and to make it stand out more. Beyond doing this with that border of rock, at night with lighting it helps to make this accent look even more attractive at night.
The mix of the Mexican Beach Pebble stone @ 3″ – 5″ stones is a contrast not only in color but also standing out with the larger size. The Orange, Red Bromeliads behind this area help to bring a pop of color that stays with the leaves year round.
The entry to the house was opened up with a more convenient flagstone pathway set in a small “Chat” stone, Mexican Beach Pebble.
There’s an eyeful here we believe, but the green helps to calm the backdrop and help the colors to pop more.
With interest, feel free to see the “Project Progressions ” section of our website here which is underway for the view of this project and others, showing from start to finish.
We hope you like !