landscape for pool screen

The landscape for pool screen areas can be a challenge for many homeowners. What to do with a space, especially if its a thin area, or heavily shaded, or both as in this example.
This was the challenge of this project and its a welcome one. Design is based on what the conditions of any property present, but they should also, just as importantly, take into account what is desired of a look.
If you feel so challenged by an area that you don’t feel allowed by the conditions to try to achieve the look you might want, our suggestion is to talk to a professional in design and installation. If you still get that feeling, take in a second or third opinion.
Often, there are many different ways to achieve a look and any style can occupy most any space. Each area should reflect the goals of the atmosphere and style that is desired.
Here, the landscape for the pool screen area was meant to tie in with the feel throughout the yard, a tropical setting.
Often viewed from inside the house, the pool area is in view, and the background can either enhance, take away, or make an area look drab.
The heavy shade in this thin space between the fence and the pool screen made the use of rock on the ground an easy choice of material to use.
Plantings that have color in the leaves helps to make an area that is difficult to produce blooms, still to be lively with color.
We hope you like the look and feel free to tour our site for more photos of this project as well as others and articles on care and design as well.