This Ornamental landscape design in Boynton Beach began with a desire by the homeowner to have a clean, open look. A desire to keep the rear water view in sight as much as possible which was accomplished with lower plantings and some annuals closer to the deck for color in the landscape.
Spiral Junipers in containers, taller growing Italian Cypress accented the corners, a red blooming Bouganvillea Standard was set as the centerpiece of the backyard, all in a framing style picking up on a touch of a northern look the homeowner was going for.
2 Cassia S. trees added some size and green to help with a fuller frame on the sides of the landscape view.
A landscape design with a light airy touch, clean, ornamental with ‘pops’ of color and a bit of a northern look was the desired look of this landscape. Playing off of the valuable water view behind the property and preserving & framing that view was a goal that is a part of most every water property. We hope you like the ornamental landscape design of this project in Boynton Beach and if you might wish to view more, we hope you’ll enjoy a tour of the photos and videos of our site.