Pool landscape with Palms landscape lighting in Palm Beach Gardens

To describe this project as a pool landscape with palms & landscape lighting in Palm Beach Gardens in our opinion just doesn’t do this project justice.
This was an end lot in a Palm Beach Gardens community, not much space in the front or the garage area, but the wide side yard really is the entire yard for both aesthitics and entertaining. The depth is on the sides of the pool, as there isn’t much space beyond the fence behind the pool itself.
We removed existing plantings that were mixed and the homeowners weren’t crazy about to install a wall of evergreen clusia to set the green backdrop, a major element of the landscape view that both creates privacy and a sense of intimacy for the pool area, while holding the eye more to appreciate the inside view (instead of the street behind the hedge).
The palm tree accents are a mix of some exotic Carpoxylyn palms on the outside of the pool fence and Foxtail triple stems. The inside of the fence is another exotic palm, the centerpiece of this view which is a Grand Tiara palm which is flanked on both sides by hearty Spindle Palms which are smaller growing ornamentals.
Much work was done to this property including enlarging the fence on the sides to create a larger fenced in backyard & artificial turf provides a nice looking green in the accent behind the pool and as a dog run area on one side of the pool to the left just out of view.
A lot more was done with changes to pavers, moving a gas line for a new fire pit table location, paver work, irrigation adjustments, new stone accent work & flagstone step stones to name a few.
The big factors which really create the scene in this photo in our opinion is the choice of palms, to provide a hammock feel but clean looking at the same time. The spacing of the palms on both sides of the fence which helped to create a fuller look with a small slice of land to use.
The blue of the pool lights and its shape with the green contrast in the turf and of course, the accent lighting which sets off the nightime scene in this landscaped pool area.
Clean, tropical, elegant was the goal with the feel of a palm tree hammock. A lush feel but not overdone and glad to say our clients were very happy with the work and design & service.
We have more photos of this landscape makeover project in action on our site here as well as many varieties of projects we hope you’ll enjoy !