stepping stones for entry way

Stepping stones for entry ways are in many cases of existing landscape an immediate improvement in a couple of ways.
Many times, people or companies will plant a landscape so close to a driveway that a car door can hardly open. In many of these same cases, when plantings along the side of a driveway exist, one might often have to walk carefully on the edge when a driveway is full of vehicles as there may be little room of a driveway to walk on. Another point of many of these similar scenarios where there are many cars in a driveway or little space when 2 cars fill a drive, by opening up the ‘apron’ area of the entry walk, as in the photo here, this alone makes it easier to gain entry into the home.
This little accent not only opens up the access, but provides a visible accent point in the design which helps to open up the front of the house a bit more upon entry.
When thinking of stones, larger stepping stones are easier for the shoe, especially heels, and with a second stone as a filler accent, it is mentioned here to think of the beach.
The smaller granules of sand are easy on the foot and such the smaller the stone, the easier as well to walk on. Where larger stones can be a cause for stumbling possibly or awkwardness with a heel, the smaller stone 1/4 inch or less works well.
A close up view of these stone combinations here of the Crab Orchard Flagstone step stones and the Indonesian Mixed pebble stone offer an example of the design notes mentioned here.
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