The glass and stone work in the new landscape of this landscape renovation project is a main influence in the new looks design.
The goal as with many who opt for a stone in the landscape is for a cleaner look. Picking up on the stone on the house, the landscape stone work was chosen to pick up on those colors. Using Mixed Mexican Beach Pebble as the main stone work influence, “Tiffany” glass which is close to a light turquoise in color was chosen as the accent to help each stand out more in this new development in Lake Worth.
The plantings immediately in view were the King Sago and Bromeliad Imperialis to be used as accents, with much open space between them to keep with that ‘clean’ feel.
Color always works better with a good bit of green worked into the design and in this case, Green Island ficus were the low green bush used with plantings of Hibiscus and Canna lilys planted behind them to provide a good bit of color into the design when they bloom.
This stone work in the landscape was further accented for an ease of walk way entry by the Tan, Brown Crab Orchard step stones.
We hope you like the look !