A tropical landscape for a new swimming pool with an Asian styled garden seating area, was the goal of the project, and proudly upon completion our clients felt we delivered that and more !

This particular property in the Canyon’s of Boynton Beach had a great backyard water view to begin with and along with style of the atmosphere we were to create, one important goal with the design was to create a frame for that beautiful water view. We are often designing for backyard makeovers with a great natural backyard view and the goal is to treat it “like a painting, and to add a great frame” similar with artwork.

The best location for this intimate Asian styled garden was not directly behind the house and the pool, but off to the side. To appreciate the view of an area is one part of the task in the layout of the property. One other goal is to create a beautiful area to be viewed while sitting in that designed garden space. As you’re sitting in a garden, or anywhere, your eye will take in all the elements of the scene that it can and across from any seating area is a focal point. So, with this project and many others, we created a seating area across with a beach style hammock in a nook setting which was on the other side of the pool. We worked to create an immediate area that could be enjoyed up close, while also allowing for low plantings behind the garden to allow and keep that beautiful water view the property enjoyed. In addition, across the yard, the setting was also set with the view of a sandy cove area with a hanging hammock that can be used to lay in. The hammock area was nestled amongst a grouping of new palm trees on the opposite side of the pool so while sitting in the garden, there was another nice view to take in as the eye roams.

The rock used in the Asian styled garden really made a great difference to help this garden stand out. The blue and black rocks, Mexican Beach Pebble and an Asian Black polished stone represented the stream. The larger Beach Pebble was 3″ – 5″ stone pieces, which helped to represent little ripples in the effort of the water, while the smaller black stone along side of it represented a deeper water section. Both of these stones found there way from one garden entry area to the other side, with two points where the rock came downwards from elevated soil terracing with positioned Cap rock boulders as if to represent ‘falling water’ into the stream bed below.

The addition of the white rock represented the land area here and this rice rock we used is common in many Asian styled meditation gardens, often used to be hand raked to represent the shifting of winds, even water in such meditation areas.

One star of the show here we feel is the small ornamental, Asian styled walk bridge which was 3′ wide by 6′ in length. The area we had to work with was not providing a large enough space to build a garden with many different areas to roam around in. Even though the area wasn’t very large we still wanted to accomplish a few different things. We wanted it to feel as a unique space in the yard. A place that would grab the eye while keeping in the side frame area. A place that required the entry and exit as its own room, which is allowed for 2 entries, a place to sit in and relax, as well as all set in a shady area where a person could escape the sun and actually use the space !

The tropical landscape surrounding this pool helped to create a Resort style feel for this entire backyard. As it grows in, we plan to add more photos to show the transformation and the long term vision that was thought of from the initial design and planting, come to life. We hope you like !

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