Tropical plants in landscapes can be a broad goal, but to achieve different looks, the most tropical looks will have an inclusion of larger leaves as in this photo.
We often hear “I would like to have a tropical landscape” and there are many different ways and looks to achieve this landscape goal, and some will look very different. Based upon the desires of each customer, a landscape of this style can be put together using very different materials and still achieving a ‘tropical look’ for the landscape. The combination of green in any design helps the colors chosen to stand out more. Any design wishing color to ‘pop’ out in a design, should have a good deal of green. Some designs, no matter the style will have varying degrees of green worked in, but to go for a very lush tropical look, larger green leaves as in this photo are a great asset to accomplish a more natural look as here.
Tropical plantings in a landscape may be a design goal, but longevity and low maintenance are 2 primary goals also in any style of design and are incorporated here as well.
We consider a low maintenance landscape to be one that requires from 3 to 4 trims per Year or less. A basis is to first know the mature plant size when designing, so you can design a landscape to take into account and allow for plants that will grow to their maturity in any new design.
Longevity of a landscape is another main point of any new landscape. A goal here as well is to have a majority of plantings for any major landscape area to have the ability to live 10 to 15 years is a guideline we work by. This is achieved by a knowledge of the plant choices available to meet the design needs in your area, the way and manner of proper installation & then it is Very Important to make sure to follow through on the care. Proper care, fertilization, watering & not overwatering are Very Important parts of helping a landscape to gain its potential in health, looks and a lasting maturity. For more information please feel free to visit the “Customer’s Corner” section of our website here to view articles we have put together on this subject to aid you.
In the landscape photo here is a combination of California Alacacia, Monstera Deliciousa, Buddha Belly Bamboo, Lady Palm, Rainbow Ti Plants & Congo Crotons.
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