tropical stone pathway

This tropical stone pathway is the result of taking a view that was a neglected part of a view that was seen when looking at the pool and turning it into a great new part of the backyard. An area of its own.
The tropical stone pathway is made here with Chattahoochee stone and natural “Georgia Sunset” flagstone used as the stepping stones which lead through the area. The path way begins back by a pool pump, ties into a side screen door and leads along the thin part of the yard, between the screen and the fence to the larger area behind the screen. Though in view, much can be said of this small thin, shaded area to the feel it provides to the yard, or at least this small space by itself.
Because of the heavy shade of the area, color was obtained into the design by using plantings which have colors in the leaves year round. Crotons, Verigated Ginger and Ti Plants were the larger plantings. The lower were marked by the use of Blue Daze (blue bloom) which doesn’t bloom as much as if in full sun but does offer some bloom here. Ground bromeliads are another ground planting that was used here, shade loving varieties were installed to provide more of a tropical accent.
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