using ground stone boulders for new landscape

The use of ground stone boulders for new landscapes is one material we can note from the experience of many projects and designs, as a material to be considered for potentially improving many landscape projects.   
The ‘Pineapple’ Boulders of this photo, are an eye catching accent when used in a focal point of a landscape design or even as a landscape border.
Not all designs or styles are the same or even close at times, but the use of natural stone is often a good material to help introduce an element that requires little maintenance, less than most and adds to any look.
If asking, should we use ground stone boulders or rocks for new landscape projects, if you have the aid of a design, as with our site or your contractors portfolio, you should help to get a glimpse of the look beforehand. If you’re doing your project yourself, start out with a little is our best advice and see if you like it.
If you live in our service area, we hope you’ll contact us through this site or call for a free consultation !