using stone to accent the landscape

Using stone to accent the landscape was a main influence in the renovation of this landscape to help provide a cleaner look for this client.
Mixed Mexican Beach pebble, ‘Tiffany’ glass and Crab Orchard step stones were the ground stone and glass accents that help to greatly influence the look of this landscape and work to tie in with the existing house color and stone facing along the home’s entry way.
Open spacing for the plantings, the use of ornamentals in front, with the use of evergreen plantings and color bloom plantings behind, help to define the stone look in the forefront.
In many cases, when questioned and in design, there is are 2 main factors which every project must answer to suit the client. The first is a new design that serves to suit the goal of the new look desired. Without accomplishing a design that suits the new desired look, no project should go forward in our opinion, or it could be a waste of money. That brings to the second main factor of any new landscape project, is coming up with a design or even the options on materials on that new design that works for the desired budget.
Without meeting those 2 goals of both the new look and a comfortable budget, it is difficult for any project to move forward.
One way on cutting the cost of having stone work done, which is more in cost than mulch at the time of installation, is to alleviate the use of stone below any area of thick plantings.
While the use of stone in the landscape might be first seen below the plantings of a new landscape, as the plantings grow into maturity, the ground in many designs will not be seen at all below the planting areas of hedges, or plant groupings. This is the perfect spot to save money on any stone design.
While stone will cost more upon installation than mulch, long term, the stone will not need to be refreshed once or even twice a year in some cases as mulch is, and can save money over the longer term.
Using mulch below the more thickly planted areas of a design can save money over rock upon installation and we suggest, as time goes on, will not be seen.
We hope some may find this budget conscious tip helpful in their goal of getting the look they desire and keeping it closer to the desired budget as well.
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