Asian style garden inside a tropical backyard with pool

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This Asian style garden area sits off the side of a new swimming pool in Boynton beach, Fl. In the design the darker stones represent water, and at different depths with the white stone representing the land area.

The Asian style garden bridge serves as a focal piece which helps set a tone for the garden, as well as serving a functional purpose.

The ‘stream’ area is represented by larger stones, Mexican Beach Pebble (Blue, Black stone; 3″ – 5″ stones) as more ‘wavy’ water, more turbulent, with the Black Polished Indonesian Stone (1″ – 2″ stones) representing a more still, deeper water look. White Rice Rock adds contrast for the seating area.

The overall re-design of the backyard was done in a tropical style, with Coconut Palms, exotic Shefferi palms amongst others and some Buddha Belly Bamboo (young in background) to help pull the 2 styles together.

The garden step stones coming from the house and pool deck, entering and exiting the area are a Tennessee Quartzite Flagstone step.  These not only help to make the entry and exit of the area more functional, but help to lead the eye for an inviting scene.

The soil build up and retention with Real Florida Cap Rock boulders changes the elevation levels and affects the element dimension to the area.

3 Years Later

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