Warranty Information for Landscapes, Waterfalls & Outdoor Landscape Lighting

For New Landscape & All Project Installation

All new tree & plant material is guaranteed for 1 year after installation with proper irrigation & care; seasonal annual flowers are the exception and carry no warranty. Warranty does not cover Acts of God: storms, lightening, etc., damage by animals or poisons. There is No Warranty for flowers, plants or trees that are installed into containers, decorative or any kind.

Please NOTE : Only 1 item replacement per tree or plant installed if the material is dead. Plants can often go through a struggling phase in the first few months after being installed as it is often the most difficult time in their lives. Warranty replacement covers any landscape plant or tree item in the landscape that is dead, being replaced once. Warranties Do Not cover lawns for more than a month and there are NO Warranties on annual flowers or anything installed in containers.

At times Universal Landscape, Inc. may gift or include free material to customers, or to increase the size of plant or tree materials above the agreement. If any gifted or freely upsized landscape materials dies, the warranty is for the original size of that plant or tree material in the agreement. Gifts are not warrantied.

LAWNS : Must have proper working irrigation system and timer upon installation for our 30 day Warranty as they will require much water upon installation.

PLEASE NOTE : Lawns can be watered and aided by hose attachments and oscillating sprinklers but for our warranty, must have proper working irrigation.

New Lawn installations carry a 30 day warranty and if there is a problem, we require to be notified immediately if any concerns with photos by email. Your notification early helps provide us the opportunity us to take steps to help the revive the landscape material before dying if possible and also provides us important information if there is a problem such as pests, disease or other that could be threatening the new landscape .New lawns must not be cut until they are fully rooted in or can be damaged beyond repair. More info on sending in emails with photos for warranty issues for landscape & lawn inquiries below.

Many renovation landscapes require an adjustment to the irrigation coverage, which is beyond this agreement if not expressly stated. There is no guarantee on transplanted material or material planted into wall or flooring decorative containers or pots. Without payment in full all warranties are void. All sales are final and in the instance of replacements on plants and trees; the warranty covers for 1 replacement per item if dead.

NEW Lawns : Lawns are cut from open field sod farms and they can be installed with weeds in them from time to time. This can occur. We recommend every customer treat their lawn for weed control within a season or 2 after having a new lawn installed. Long term for all lawns, we recommend treating for weed control twice a year to protect. Fertilizing twice a year on average.

Lawns ARE NOT to be MOWED until the Entire Lawn is rooted in. If the lawn can be pulled up and is loose, it is too soon to mow. Usually will take 3 to 5 weeks on average. If a lawn that has been installed before is cut, it can destroy the lawn beyond repair. If done within the 30 day time frame, voiding the warranty as well.

NOTE : In the initial 3 months of a new landscape is the most important period after a new installation as the landscape becomes adapted to its new home. For any material installed into decorative containers or pots it is highly recommended to have an irrigation ‘drip’ or ‘bubbler’ installed with it to aid the health of the material. If a shock will occur with a new landscape, if at all, it is most likely to occur in this time period.

If material is looking sick in those first 3 months; or at any time within the first year, we require an email within that time so that we may be able to respond and take measures if possible to correct a problem. This helps both us & our customers to have a way to track questions, photos and inquiries for any problems or questions dealing with warranty. For example, if plants or trees are losing a lot of leaves or many leaves are turning yellow, please take a photo or a few & email into [email protected].

Please make sure that you receive a response to confirm that we have received your notice. (Also, You can check out our ‘Customer’s Corner’ Page on our website for watering instructions & other helpful tips as a 24 hour source of information for your additional assistance.)

After installation each customer is provided with a detailed instruction on how to water and fertilize the landscape which is available on our website. The website address is www.universallandscapefl.com and the article of instruction is titled “An Introduction To Your Landscape” which explains and details the proper care for new & maturing landscapes. Universal Landscape, Inc. reserves the right to use photos or video of the work performed for future promotional use. We look forward to the chance of making your home or venture’s property more beautiful!!!

Waterfall Projects Warranties & Important Notes on Construction Aspects for Swimming Pool added features

Waterfalls : Waterfall Warranties on the construction of the Waterfall & Pond carry a 1 year parts and labor coverage, excluding pumps & filters. Nothing is to be drilled, hammered or screwed into the base of the waterfall as it may compromise the coverage for the waterfall and charges to repair any such damage will be incurred for any such repair service. For submersible pumps in smaller features : these pumps are not built to be used in chlorinated water and will void all warranties by the manufacturers. Submersible pumps & filters are covered by the extent of the manufacturer’s policy on warranties.

Usual coverage by most manufacturer’s issue a One Year warranty with proper use. For external ‘Pool’ Pumps & Filters used in waterfall projects, these are also covered under the terms of the manufacturer only. Universal Landscape, Inc. does not offer additional warranties above the manufacturer’s of such products. Waterfalls are not swimming pools, there is a greater degree of evaporation in them. They will need to be replenished with water regularly; depending primarily on the strength of the water flow and the size of the water basin area for re-circulating the water. If a leak is visibly running out from the waterfall it will be covered in the warranty upon completion. If our services are retained by a builder, our warranty is to the owners of the property.

New Construction Projects :

Waterfalls built with New Pool / Spa Construction : These are waterfall projects performed during the time of construction of new pools & spas. All water supply lines are to be supplied & installed by the pool builder – as is industry standard – unless expressly stated in the agreement’s terms. We only require that the ‘Outflow Pipe(s)’ that supply the water that is to come out of the waterfall (the outflow stub-outs) to be positioned at the rear area of where we are building the shell basin(s) for the waterfall(s). If there are slides – we require that the piping also be supplied by the base of the slide by the pool builder for connection. We connect piping from the point of stub-out and integrate it into our waterfall work (and / or slides) for the outflow.

Suggestions for Pool Builder :

1) Attach a water -leveler re-fill line. (This line attachment can add water automatically to a pool without the need to use a hose.

2) To avoid any flow problems with the waterfall, the pool builder should be aware of all flow rates required before the waterfall inflow and outflow pipes are installed. In many cases, we prefer the pool builder use 3″ lines if possible, for the piping dedicated to the waterfall(s).

To ensure a proper construction schedule in new pool / spa construction work, the pool builder is always to schedule and perform the finish of a pool / spa to be done after the waterfall is constructed. If the finish is done before the waterfall is completed – it will be considered a ‘renovation’ project.

Renovation Projects : Waterfall Additions to pre-existing Pools or Spas : Universal Landscape, Inc. is not a licensed pool contractor and we do not perform pool renovation work to add new drains or plumbing that is necessary in many circumstances for additional water features that are added after a pool has been constructed.

(1) We do not perform this work, nor do we hold any responsibility for any company that performs this work for a customer. If there are any problems with the renovation or addition of plumbing intake lines for the water required for our features, the drains, etc. this is the responsibility of the contracting company that performed this work on a pool. Our work is in building the waterfalls themselves, not in drilling into pools in any circumstance or adding plumbing, drains, etc. into pools.

(2) It is the responsibility of the customer to have the pool cleaned after a project is completed as different pool cleaning companies can cause damage to the finish of a pool.

(3) It is recommended that for waterfall additions (renovations) on existing pools or spas that the interior finish of a pool be re-done by an outside pool contractor at the same time any renovation work, such as a waterfall is added to an existing pool or spa.

(4) Universal Landscape, Inc. will not be responsible for any damage to the finish of a pool or the pool itself as a result of added drains or any renovation work. It is therefore suggested that every customer refinish the interior of their pool or spa wherever a waterfall is added and consider a necessary expense above the cost of our work for all pool renovation projects.

(5) The failure or refusal of a customer to refinish their pool after a waterfall is added to an existing pool is against the advice of this company, and is a risk that lies upon the customer as it is possible for a finish to be compromised by our work or a pool cleaning company. To put it simply, if you’re adding a waterfall to an existing pool have your pool refinished at the same time.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Warranties & Notes

Lighting : We offer a one year labor & parts warranty on the overall system. Wiring is excluded from the warranty if cut after a system has been installed. After 1 year service charges will be incurred for inspection visits and labor charges for repair work to fix or replace faulty products. Unique Systems, Inc. offers a lifetime warranty on lights and transformers, not including bulbs, wiring or fuses. There is no service warranty for Malibu Light Products or other similar lighting systems offered from Home Depot or Lowe’s, or related garden centers or outlets as they are of inferior quality than the systems we sell.

RUNNING LIGHTING WIRE UNDER CONCRETE, PAVED OR FLAGSTONE SURFACES : This option is avoided whenever possible, we prefer to perform a longer wiring run around a property at times when the option is available, than to run wiring under a hardscape surface. It is difficult to determine the quality of compaction of a pre-existing worked surface. If the only option is to run under a surface and we think there could be potential repairs, we will consult first or advise before the work is performed. There is always the chance that pavers, concrete or paved surfaces could settle after an excavation or running a pipe under. With outdoor landscape lighting some projects may require wiring runs that go underneath driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc.

If there is any replacement work that needs to be done from this work, if it is minimal, (ex. Re-setting paver edges, etc.) it will be covered as part of the project. If there is a situation where a driveway, patio, sidewalk, etc. needs to be removed for a section to run the wire that cost is not included. If it is decided that the concrete, flagstone, paver, etc. surfaced is not to be removed and the wiring is to be ‘shot’ under, and there is damage, cracking, sinking, that cost to repair is not covered under the proposal unless specifically specified in the agreement.

Conservation Projects – Irigation Water Supply Lines : In an effort to help conserve our use of water, many times in the consultation phase we will offer to investigate ways to help reduce a consumer’s use and cost of irrigation water to maintain the landscape. These include the installation of cistern systems, wells or secondary meters where available, at the discrimination and decision of the customer. If a change in the water supply system is to be made, that decision should be made at the time of the agreement – before work actually begins. If a decision is made to change the water supply after a project has begun – this can delay the project due to the required engineering and permitting applications that may apply. If landscape material has been installed and the decision is made to change a water supply, this will require Universal Landscape, Inc. to maintain the watering during that ‘waiting period’ and in many cases, an additional charge for this service will be incurred.

Underground Utilities Notification & Notes on Digging

Note on Digging : As a precaution and homeowner (customer) protection for underground utilities we contact the State Line Location Service; whose number is at the front top right corner of the invoice, to provide Notice to any company having underground utilities on site to help make areas known and a reference number is given. If a break does occur the reference number is given and the company is notified either by Universal Landscape or the customer and they are obligated by notice to repair. If the homeowner (customer) has knowledge of such potential areas we request that the areas be lined with a visible spray paint on the ground, or flagging tape with stakes for example to show the area where the underground lines are.

Transplanting, Removal or Installation of landscaping, waterfalls, outdoor landscape lighting, etc. does not cover the replacement of underground wiring, piping or irrigation if planted next to or above such. If a customer has had work done with underground wiring, such as a dog fence, lighting, electrical outlets, gate or security systems, etc, it is the responsibility of the homeowner (customer) to locate and mark out all areas. If a minimal irrigation break occurs we commonly would repair a cracked pipe or replace an irrigation sprinkler head at the point of the excavation at no expense to the customer as this does happen on occasion due to the nature of our work. When excavating waterfalls, any irrigation that runs through an area where the project is to exist, if broken as a need to dig in that area; the cost of replacement is the responsibility of the customer unless expressly included in the agreement.

If there are any electric, lighting, cables, gas lines or other cables existing underground, not shown after we have had the line location service mark for all areas to be worked in, and that area is not marked by the service, it is the customer’s responsibility to make such areas known. If wires are known, the expense of moving such lines that interfere with a needed excavation are the responsibility of the customer, and also for the expense of repairing any broken lines from excavation. If the system needs further work after Universal Landscape, Inc. provides a free replacement of the broken irrigation heads and or cracked pipes in some work and additional work is required stemming from prior poor condition or quality materials, an additional change may occur if the existing lines or connections require replacing.

In an effort to better serve our customers, if it is felt that there has not been a response to any call regarding the work and or material installed in this agreement after completion it is requested that the concern be sent in writing by certified mail notifying us of any problem and postmarked before the end of the first three months that the work has been completed to uphold the warranty.

Changing Out Material; If tree material, especially field grown (not container)material, is wished to be changed out for a different tree, there will be an additional charge for the new tree & hauling & machine charges if applicable. For regular plant material, if there is a desired change, a different look, a 30% re-stocking fee will apply. (30% of the cost of the material being returned.) A gas / hauling charge may also apply. Note : Most small changes will not result in any additional charges.

Gifted Material : On occasion we upgrade or install tree or plant material that is a larger size ( of more value) than a customer may have paid for. These are gifts we sometimes give. If a ‘gift’ plant or tree needs replacing, it will be replaced at the size the customer paid

or in the agreement. HOA (Home Owner Association’s) Requesting to be listed as “Additional Insured” on our insurance certificates is available with a charge of $120 minimum fee in addition to the cost of the project. (We are charged for this service by our insurance companies.) HOA’s requesting additional certificate holder status incurs NO Additional Charge.

Note : Pricing & Material Sizes good for 60 Days from date of invoice unless noted otherwise; except on items of limited supply.

Landscape Care Directions for New & Maturing Landscapes : Check our website at www.universaldevgroup.com and on the home page there is a section entitled “An Introduction To Your Landscape”. Click on that link and you will find information on how to take care of your landscape in regards to watering, fertilizing and other general info, from the time of installation through maturity.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us through the website or our regular number.

If you’re ready to talk about the project that’s been on your mind, or you just want to spruce up the yard – give us a call today – we’ll work hard to make you feel glad you did!