Backyard Landscape Makeover for residential waterfront property in Wellington, FL  new landscape and entertaining area

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This backyard landscape makeover in Wellington, FL began with a waterfront property that had a great view to begin with before we began transforming the landscape and creating a new entertaining area.

The main thing lacking was that there was nothing to draw someone into the yard and make them want to spend time there.

The first goal of the homeowners of this beautiful waterfront property was they wanted to have their landscape create a yard they could better enjoy. A property that would make them and their family and friends wish to venture into yard more to enjoy the space and open sky and water view the property offered.

Tall, dense plantings of Areca palms, which are both prized and dis-liked by homeowners almost equally we’ve found through the years, were the durable choice the homeowners sought after for a long-lasting thick barrier that would provide the privacy as well for their 2-story home they were desiring.

The homeowners wanted an “outdoor room of its own”, “a space they could enjoy and entertain outdoors”. An area if the weather became a factor could both provide shade and cooling and cover if it began to rain, and they were entertained outdoors and wouldn’t have to pack things quickly if so.

Planning, Designing & Budgeting Process to Help Bring the Project into Focus in the Plans and a Reality for the Homeowners

During the initial phone call, we talked about a project we’re seeking to determine if we might be the right company for the project the same as our callers do. If we don’t think we’ll be a fit for some small planting beds or something like that we will often try and offer some guidance for the best pricing for those small projects of a bush or two, or a few flowers or something that a company already working in your neighborhood, cutting lawns might provide the best pricing for.

If you’ve decided your looking to transform or change the look of an area of your property, the feel of it, the patio or driveway or to the larger “Resort Style” Transformations of a property, those we work to provide great value on and competitive, beautiful designs.

Part of every project we design is a focus not only on the landscape, but how the property will be used. How it can be “lived in”, for the everyday use that it can offer along with those special event days, birthday parties, holidays, memorable events or planning for entertainment.

With the landscape design, each design is custom made and tailored to the styles and look each client is going for. With that said, we deal with a range of different situations and everything in between from people who either “know exactly what they like” or “who don’t have a clue and really need some help pulling together the look.” We’re prepared and ready now no matter what knowledge level one has or doesn’t have and it’s our privilege and pleasure to help create and assemble the look from wherever our starting point may be!

For our in-person consultations we come prepared to review through portfolios and have available multitudes of different colors and textures, plants, trees, palms, and flowers as we need to help us home in on a style and look. Our consultation and design process are one we are long experienced in and have produced thousands of projects over the decades and have gained an Award-Winning reputation for our company we are proud to say in the process.

This Backyard Makeover had a goal of Tropical Colorful plantings, Privacy, and an overhead, cost effective shelter that could allow them to sit for extended periods of time in the yard, have meals and parties and get togethers.

The decision on the structure that would provide cover and shade for sitting, eating, gathering outdoors would have a major influence not only on the budget for the project, but also the style. The style desired was for a very relaxed feel, like a vacation getaway, a beachy ‘rustic’ Tiki bar style and with that a Tiki hut was the right choice. Not only for the style and feel but was also one of the most cost-effective structures available for a durable, long-lasting structure. There is maintenance, sometimes varying around 5 to 8 years, typically stated around 7 or so years for re-thatching the roof depending upon wear. Also, when cooking or grilling inside the Tiki Huts, there are fire- proofing agents that Tiki Builders can offer as well. A permit required project unless often exempted if built by Native American Indians which some companies can provide that documentation as well.

With the private plantings in place, the Tiki Hut was the next piece of the project and followed by the rest of the landscape grading, planting, irrigation adjustments, lighting, and final landscape touches.

Framing the view of the water with the landscape as a painting with a frame was the approach for the view from seating within.

Leaving the space open feeling, planting as a property frame maximizing the space but surrounding it with colors, greens, and flowers. Small Chattahoochee stone was the ground flooring for a different relaxed and different feel than pavers or solid flooring under foot, which does have an effect on the mood of the area when using it and adding to that relaxed feel the homeowners were going for. Also, the Chattahoochee stone, available in many different colors and stone varieties is a very economical choice as well.

For any project to be successful we must hit the mark on 2 main points which can also help guide us and our clients through the process together to create that special project:

  1. We must hit the mark on the design. If we can’t hit the mark on the design, nothing else is worth talking about.
  2. We must hit the mark on the budget. Often, especially in landscaping and outdoor makeovers, the are many different approaches available beyond differences in the sizes of materials which can greatly affect pricing, but also differing materials. More than one approach, often several different paths can be thought of in how to reach that end goal and help to maximize the value of the budget.

Our goal is always to help our customers achieve what they’re hoping for. The better we can do that, the happier everyone is and that’s a good recipe we’ve always tried to work for that has helped us sustain and grow through the years. The better we can do for others; good things happen when we can benefit those, we have the privilege to serve with our efforts and work.

If you’re considering re-doing your property or making it over and you’re in our service area, we hope you’ll give us a call, we’ll work hard to make you glad you did!