Front Yard Landscape Renovation with Decorative Stacked Flagstone Landscape Walls & Ground Stone in Delray Beach

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This Front Yard Landscape Renovation began for these homeowners shortly after purchasing their newly built home. They desired a different look than what the builder was giving everyone.  They had a small front yard but liked the look of stone as were looking to work with some of the same original trees that they received from the builders as a starter. This Front Yard Landscape Renovation would encompass a makeover that would include new trees, transplanted trees, and decorative stonework for this Delray Beach home.

Transplanting the Original Palms the House came with and incorporating them into the New Landscape Design

Beyond keeping some of the original trees, palms, that were installed, they were completely desiring to changing the look. Keeping the original palm trees helped to save money on the project, and as the palms were in good health; we merely transplanted the palm trees into a new design layout.

We don’t warranty tree, palm, or plant transplants but there are methods to help their survival and if there is felt to be a risk that a transplanted palm, tree or plant wouldn’t make it, we cover that point in the conversation and proposal when designing the project.

If we don’t think something will survive a transplant, we work to make that known beforehand.  

Most often, with care and the follow up of making the tree or palm is planted correctly and receiving adequate water directly following in the period after the transplant, for the great majority of the time, the transplants we perform survive. With care and diligence, this helps to ensure the transfer, though again, there is no warranty on this aspect of our work.

All new plantings are warrantied. For further information on these two points of transplanting care and warranties, we have articles on this site. “An Introduction to Your Landscape” in our “Customer’s Corner” section of our website helps to deal with the care for new landscapes, new landscape installations as well as the care notes for landscape renovation projects. Our warranty is also available on our website in our “Customer’s Corner” Section.  Both of these can be found first from the “Articles & Videos” tab at the directory bar at the top of our website here.

Homeowners Desired a Fresh Look, Different than what the Builders Gave Them

In regard to what these homeowners wished to accomplish with this small front yard landscape renovation or makeover was the goal of a fresh new and current look with the introduction of stones. The colors that they wished for gravitated towards white to provide for a clean look and the introduction of both peach stone, a dark brown / orange flagstone with the “Georgia Sunset” Flagstone that was used for the Decorative landscape border walls.

To add another touch that was more contrasting in color and texture, to help it stand out and “pop” was the introduction of Turquoise colored glass that you can see in the photos. The Turquoise glass was added in the middle of the front wall of the home, in the highest elevation point within the Georgia Sunset decorative stacked flagstone that was surrounding the transplanted Robellini palm (also known as a Pygmy Date Palm.

The stonework was added by the entry to help accentuate and add interest immediately after stepping into the small entry walk between the driveway and the front door. The space between the driveway and the front door is small and the influence of the transplanted Christmas palm was elevated to help it stand out in significance with a more eye-catching setting of flagstones, white & peach stones, red low growing Ti Plant dwarf varieties & accent lighting at night. Opening the front door and walking out, there is no missing the focal point when either leaving the home or entering.

At the end of the front bed on the far end was the Palm of the most width in the design with the Bismarkia Palm. Because of its size and as it continues to grow and increase in size it helps to hold the eye at the end of the house when looking at the design.

If the biggest palm or tree was planted closer to the driveway or front door, or middle area of the entire home, a bigger item in that placement would block the view of the front door and could be considered to kind of ‘hide’ the home a bit more and make it feel smaller.

The front door quite often has a good deal to the feel of a home and some wish to show it off our lead the eye to it at some point. While design looks and styles can vary tremendously, especially in different regions, a constant quite often allows an ease of access to the front door and an area that helps to set a tone on the walk to the front door.

Transplanted Robellini palm, transplanted Christmas palm (triple stem), new Bismarkia palm (Silver – Grey palm front), soil elevations, drainage considerations, stacked decorative “Georgia Sunset” flagstone walls (3 separate flagstone walls), Peach ground stone, White ground stone & Turquoise Glass pieces make up the work for the elevations and structuring of the beds and surface areas. Tropical plantings of Blue Agave, Ti Plants, Crotons were the colors that the homeowners desired to help provide a tropical feel to the project.

We hope you like and welcome you to continue your visual tour through different transformations, gardens, residences, and close ups of different plants, trees, stones, palms and more eye-catching materials and offerings through our site!



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