Landscape & Stone work for a Circular Driveway Front Yard

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This landscape renovation project was focused on providing a fresh new facelift for this Delray Beach home that included removing much of the existing landscape and providing some new elevations and dimensions to the front. The stone work added in different tiers and soil elevations to add more interest to this front yard and some smaller lower canopy palms such as the Bottle Palm in the center Island and the new Solitaire Palm by the front door offered another level of tiering along with the mature Coconut Palms that provide the upper canopy.

A Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Tree with Purple & White blooms mainly in the fall & winter time was added in addition for another element of depth and height to the front island, without blocking the view of the attractive home.

Peruvian Beach Pebbles, Black Slate stones, Cap Rock Boulders and Grey Flagstone are major elements of the center island combined with the variety of green and colors to help make that eye catching first impression for that circular driveway.

Each project begins with the desires of the client and the interview process we go through in our consultation and planning. Discussions of budget are just as important as the goal is to come up with a look that the client will like as well as working with a realistic goal in budgeting as well.

If you’re in our working area and thinking of having a property or landscape renovation performed, we hope you’ll give us a call.