Landscape with Fire Pit for a New Swimming Pool

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When thinking of that new swimming pool the landscape is what helps to complete that vision of that desired transformation of the backyard. The project began with a Free Consultation going through the desires the couple had in mind, for the area they wished to create. Our consultations include going through not only photo portfolio books of past projects of ours to help with creating new ideas and examples of different landscape styles, but also individual plant, tree, stone photos as well to help us really customize the look to the colors and style goals of each customer and provide a truly tailored look to the desires of each individual we have the privilege to serve. Once the design was put together, with a target budget goal set as well, we offered different pricing options on that same design.

One of the things about landscape design and installation is that once we have the design down, we have the great ability to provide different price package options for many projects on that same design ! Once the landscape design is layed out and is the goal to create, as for this new swimming pool landscape, we then offered pricing for larger trees verses smaller trees & larger hedges verses smaller hedges in different package price options. Often a little patience can save a good bit of money, and also help to stretch the reach of what a budget can do.

This, we take great pride in as we try to create a scene that will become more and more impressive as it grows in. A well designed project should look great as soon as it goes in, but should grow to look even better in five years time. We have detailed articles on the goals of a good landscape design and what it should have in the articles section of our website here. Some helpful points to keep in mind no matter who you hire and to make sure you meet your goals, even if you’re not sure what those goals for your landscape and swimming pool should be.

This tropical landscape for this new swimming pool became the new focal point and set the tone for the backyard view. Not only providing a great backdrop view, this area also had a ‘room’ that invites one to enter into on the backside of the pool. In many homes, the view to areas to relax by the pool are most often on the house side of the deck, with this design, natural flagstone step stones over a bed of small pebble rock lead to a burmed area to a new fire pit, set in a tropical landscape and the ‘room’ framed with ornamental palm trees for shade.

The tropical landscape with fire pit for the new pool was a goal for these homeowners. The result, it provided a unique new setting to relax in with a very relaxed feel.

In addition, as other photos will show, this tropical landscape not only framed the fire pit area to create a ‘new room’ in the yard, it also helped to set the tone as the main focal point of the entire back yard.

When looking from sitting within this area, this home now has an area that has the feel of a resort.

Natural Cap rock boulders help to retain the elevation of the soil burming & also the material used for this fire pit scene.

The palm trees line this fire pit area in the landscape and provide also a shady relief.

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5 Months Later

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