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The first question many may have : Is Artificial Turf the right choice for me?

Let’s start off with those who are struggling to keep a regular natural lawn and it is an ongoing losing battle for some. There are some conditions which make it very difficult to keep a natural real lawn and we will go over those circumstances briefly here. The answers you have may help you to determine if you can have a real lawn or if Artificial may be the way to go for you?

Conditions which kill off natural lawns

This is not talking about not cutting a lawn too short and forgetting to fertilize and take care of weed control, or not watering enough or too much. Any of those factors are controllable pretty easily so we are going to talk about the more difficult circumstances which can kill off most any lawn.

1. Heavy Shade : Heavy shade, for a majority of the day is not helpful to keeping a lush green and healthy lawn.

2. Leaves suffocating lawn : If you have trees with a lot of leaves over your lawn area, they have the ability to fall and form a type of blanket on the lawn. This will suffocate your lawn and will kill it off easily. If wishing to keep your lawn healthy, regular and ongoing raking and removal of the leaves will be an important part of keeping your lawn healthy.

3. Heavy Foot traffic : If you have an area that is used often for walking or even for dogs running their route in your yard, that is another instance of wear that lawns will always struggle with to be full in those areas.

4. Drainage problems : If you have a property that is damp or floods often with heavy rains, this factor is another that makes it difficult for lawns to become well rooted. If the lawns struggle to have strong, deeper roots, it is more difficult for the lawn to be full and lush.

To speak about properties with serious drainage challenges, those that have standing water or mold or mildew on the ground more than not throughout the year, it is always advised to deal with those drainage issues. The base preparations for the artificial lawns add a base layer of sand & stone mixtures which help to provide a dryer surface directly below the artificial turf. The depth of the sand & stone is determined by the use and type of artificial turf or greens & also the needs of the property.

The artificial turf installation will help to keep an area green, but if mold and mildew are on the ground, not every property is the same and in some cases, additional underground drainage may be recommended before the turf installation.

Any of these 4 circumstances can kill off a lawn with severe enough conditions, a combination of any of them makes it very difficult to keep a lawn looking nice at your property.

Artificial lawns & turf, putting greens, pet friendly turf areas, patio & turf installations

You may be interested in Artificial turf for the maintenance reductions alone, for conservation reasons of removing the need to water a green artificial turf area, or to improve your golf game or an area to better stand up against pets or a heavy traffic area.

Whatever your reason, we would be glad to help and provide you with a consultation on the type of artificial turf and design that might best suit your needs and budget if you’re in our service area of Palm Beach County, FL. (we may consider larger projects outside of our immediate service area)

Highlighting Some points and different types of Artificial / Synthetic Turf products and benefits here

Some different colors and pile heights of lawns. The difference in options of color and shading is visible. Only a few of many varieties and shades that we can provide.

Great for a Care Free Lawn & even in small backyards to remove the need for maintenance inside a back fence

This is a situation we come across often for those who are having new pools built. It could be a number of reasons why artificial turf may be a better option for you if you face this similar situation of a small fenced in backyard with not much space.

1. No need for lawn mower to enter the backyard as artificial turf doesn’t need to be cut.2. Pets have a pet friendly area with anti bacterial products to help keep it sanitary and also holding up to the wear of dogs better than a lawn for run areas.
3. Clean and neat. If you like the look, great alternative to natural grass as it is here.

A Care Free Lawn

Say goodbye to your brown lawn, no more need to mow and save on your water bill. While artificial turf is more expensive than natural lawns to install, the factors of greatly reduced maintenance.

You can reduce treatments for weeds, insects, diseases and no water bills will help to save money over the longer term. A thin area on the side of a home, no more need to mow and always green.

Wide Range of Artificial / Synthetic Turf Options. Lawns, Pet areas, Driveway, Patio Pavers, Putting Greens

A putting green in front of a Design Company, using what would of been an ordinary entry landscape most often, into a memorable talking point that is easy to remember. Not to mention the relaxed feel of a place to enjoy or talk over a project with clients with a little fun. Artificial turf around pool paver patio

Pet friendly products to go with Pet friendly turf

Besides the porous fiber designs that allow for drainage, more so with the pet friendly turf, the anti-bacterial applications to help keep the dog runs cleaner. There also are a number of products to be used to help with odor control as well for those areas specially designed for your dog’s use of these areas.

Warranties vary with different products and manufacturers we use for different applications, 10 to 15 years is the average. Details provided on any chosen product.

If you’re interested in Artificial Turf products for a lawn area or a putting green & you’re in our service area of Palm Beach County, FL give us a call, we would be glad to come by, take measurements and provide a Free consultation and estimate !

For a beautiful job and product, we’ll work hard to make you glad you called us!

If you’re ready to talk about the project that’s been on your mind, or you just want to spruce up the yard – give us a call today – we’ll work hard to make you feel glad you did!

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