WEEDS Are Growing in the rocks & landscape after installation?

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Question : In the rocks, weeds grew pretty fast in between them. Isn’t is suppose to have a weed barrier/landscape fabric put in before putting down the rocks? I dug a part of it don’t see any weed barrier underneath. Please let me know.

It has been 3 weeks since we did the landscaping. I am now reducing the amount of time for watering as well as the frequency of it.

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Answer : Weeding your New Landscape

For those who have taken care of their landscape for years, many know that weeds are a regular, resilient companion of many yards. Some properties are fortunate that they do not have a regular problem with many weeds, some can be overwhelmed, not every property is the same, but all have them.

Some ask for Weed Barrier Fabric to be installed and we strongly recommend against it for a number of reasons. Quickly, first, in the majority of cases we have seen over decades they typically fail within a year to 2 years. Some have had longer success. The overwhelming average we come across is 1 to 2 years and then they fail. After that time it is like the fabric isn’t even there and you have to tend to weeds the same as without it. . 2nd major reason, to remove the Weed Barrier Fabric when it fails & the weeds come up, is very laborious and can be very expensive to remove. For more reasons how they are not beneficial & from more info and photos on this, please visit our article on “Weed Fabrics and Why We Advise Against Them”

For those who have had new landscapes before, you may have seen an increase in the amount of weed growth after a new landscape has been installed. There are a number of reasons how this can happen; one of them is often the introduction of new topsoils to help lift and provide a fresh source of nutrition for the new landscape.

Many new and renovation landscapes we perform are also installed with new topsoil to help ensure the health and aid in getting the new landscape off to a good start. The downside, with some properties, the topsoils can have besides new nutrients, but weeds that can grow in the new soils.

Topsoils are often made of different composts of yard waste, trimmings, soils and in there are weeds at times. This is a reason why some yards may have an increase in weed growth in the months after a new installation.

Our suggestion is to stay on top of it. Not only with your watering in the first few weeks and months after a new installation, but for the most effective, result based action, we suggest to spray for weeds at least Once A Month in those months following a new installation. ESPECIALLY for those properties where weeds may seem to be overwhelming.

We recommend using either a weed killing spray such as “Ground Clear” which can be purchased in the Nursery sections of either Home Depot or Lowes commonly. To Note : Round Up weed killing spray has recently been removed from stores because of dangerous toxins, so you may take note on the spray that you choose to select.

BE CERTAIN TO NOT SPRAY THE PLANTS AS THAT CAN KILL THE PLANTS, and we Do NOT Warranty plants that have been killed by poisons.

When spraying for weeds, spray the open ground areas, again, not the plants and not the leaves of the plants. Be careful to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BOTTLE AT LEAST ONCE.

There are many eco friendly and non – toxic solutions that people use, and we have a ‘Board” on Pinterest with many of these green friendly or homemade mixes in our “Gardening” Board if any wish to view.

For quickest results, weed spray will usually do the job within weeks and can last a month to a month and a half or better quite often for the toughest yards with weeds.

NOTE : During times of hotter weather and increased rain, everything grows faster during these times, the lawn, the bushes and trees , and of course, the weeds as well. Once a month spraying during these times may be necessary during these times of increased growth.

After consistently beating back the weeds over time, they should reduce in the quantity they grow in and become more manageable. It can take six months or better with some properties, be vigilant or instruct your lawn care company to stay on top of it.

If you still need help, we do provide help with cleanup services, weeding, trimming, mulching, small planting projects as well. We DO NOT cut lawns, so we don’t have a maintenance schedule.

Some customers call us before a party, get together, holiday event or just at some intervals once or twice a year or more to come and help.

If you’re ready to talk about the project that’s been on your mind, or you just want to spruce up the yard – give us a call today – we’ll work hard to make you feel glad you did!

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